TPM Primary Documents and Videos

There are Two Primary Themes emphasised throughout this site for the Professional Property Manager. They include … Protecting Yourself from the risks of managing rentals, and … Generating More Revenue from your management business. Protect Yourself and Make More Money

TPM Workshops and Education

We’ve been training property managers and private landlords for over 20 years. We have a broad selection of workshops, CE courses, Keynote presentations, NARPM designation classes, Lunch-and-Learn topics and more.

TPM Types of Training Material

There are Two Types Of Resources and Video Training on this site for the professional manager. Material to Train Your Staff … and material to Train Your Owner's. We’ve had to do this for 35 years and can help you take years off your learning curves.

Ways to Interact with our site

There are Several Ways To Interact with this site… As a Visitor with no commitment, as one who is Registered to receive regular tips and training … as a Member who has access to 50% of the site … as a Subscriber who has access to 90% of the videos and documents. The remaining part of the site is for large document and video packages available for purchase.

TPM Products

TPM offers documents, video training, handbooks, leases, management agreements, housekeeping documents, letters, manuals, policy statements, procedures, videos of live workshops, owner education documents, CYA documents for staff, vendors, owners, tenants and third party relationships as well as revenue sharing opportunities. We’re all about Property Management Training and Investor Training

TPM Courses

Crown Investor Institute LLC has offered training opportunities to the real estate industry for 20 years. more specifically to professional property managers, licensed agents, NARPM chapters and private real estate investor groups that can fit into conference breakout sessions, CE workshops, keynote addresses, study groups and the lunch-and-learn environment. We’re all about Investor Training and Property Management Training.